Cancellation Policy


For non-Camper Vans (Van codes starting with E, S, L, C, X )

Peak Period (Nov15-Jan15 & May15-Aug15) + Spring Break/Long Weekends
25% refund (of the deposit amount) up to 6 days before pickup
No refund (of the deposit amount) if canceled within 6 days

Non-Peak (all other year)
All refunded if canceled before 72 hours of pickup

For Camper Vans (Van Codes starting with R)

Peak Period (Nov15-Jan15 & May15-Aug15) + Spring Break/Long Weekends
25% refund (of the deposit amount) up to 14 days before pickup
No refund (of the deposit amount) if canceled within 14 days

Non-Peak (all other year)
50% refund (of the deposit amount) up to 14 days before pickup
No refund (of the deposit amount) if canceled within 14 days

All payments including refundable security deposit are due immediately before delivery and any incidentals immediately upon the return of the rental.
Security deposit is refundable minus any incidentals.

All contract closings and resulting Security refunds will be completed within 24-72 hours after van return except in case of noted damages where it will be longer. This is needed for the Tolls (Texas only) to settle.

Customer is fully responsible to check the van at the Delivery Point to his/her satisfaction.

Customer has the right to reject the van at that delivery point and limit his/her loss maximum to the Reservation Amount only.

Customer fully understands that once the van is accepted (under any circumstances), the full contract amount will be payable to Luxed Vans.

Specifically no refunds for early returns.

Any major claims regarding mechanical failure of the van while on the trip will be subject to Luxed Vans Breakdown Policy.

Any other claims including cleanliness or vans’ or van related amenities’ mis or under-performance will be considered trivial.

Such trivial claims will not qualify for any REFUNDS or later Credit Card CHARGEBACKs.

Its entirely and strictly upto Luxed Vans Management’s discretion to honor any refunds beyond above policy but Customer shall waive his/her rights to enforce any.

Dates and Time Changes generally prohibitive and depends upon other preceeding and suceeding bookings
Other Changes like Options and Delivery/Valet Service can be added anytime

#1  Non-functional items (after delivery point)

All our camper vans are standard factory products and renters are responsible to follow the supplied manuals as far as usage is concerned.


We try our best to explain the necessary functions at the delivery point but the list may not be complete.

Renters are hence advised to ask for walk through of every items they intend to use during the trip including bathroom / kitchen / generator / grey-black-freshwater pump functions / TV / Wifi / Entertainment functions etc.

Though we shall still try to accommodate for any inconvenience, we can not be held liable under any circumstances for anything non-functional items after the delivery point.


#2 User-error


Renter will be 100% liable for any damages caused to the camper van by the user error that will be deducted from the user’s deposit and billed separately for any excess beyond including any legal/accounting fees. Please note that such user error related damages may not be covered by the your or our purchased insurances.


#3 Road-side assistance


All rentals come with road-side assistance with its terms that renter will abide by.

Under certain circumstances, we may send our RV technician to your location which may be a separate charge of 250$ + transportation+boarding+Lodging per day if the source of the issue was determined to be a user-error.


#4 Miscellaneous Points


Each camper van rental comes with clean grey and black water tanks, full fresh water tank, full diesel tank and propane gas tank. This is generally as shown on the gauges in the van and will need to be verified by the renter at the delivery point.


At the return point each of the above tanks is to be returned with the same statuses and we shall verify from the gauges including any receipts that you may have. (hence save the receipts).


All above services may be pre-purchase each at 100$ each and will not result in any penalties at the time of return.

However if not pre-purchased and in case the above conditions are not satisfied at the point of return, each item will result in the charges as below:


Grey and Black water disposal = 200$

Full fresh water fill up = 200$

Full diesel tank fill up = 200$

Propane Tank fill up = 200$

#5 Insurance


Luxed Vans supplied insurance is originally supplied by a third party vendor and subject to $1000 deductible and have their own stipulations that renter will abide by.


If renter choose to decline our insurance and chooses to use his own, it will be incumbent on the renter to insure that their insurance will transfer to our camper van for any and all liabilities in case of an accident irrespective of whether the van is moving or stationary.  This includes Liability coverages ( Bodily injury liability and Property damage Liability), Comprehensive and collision coverages, Medical payments coverage / Personal injury protection, uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage etc.


Under any circumstances if renters own insurance fails to cover any of the liabilities mentioned above, renter will himself personally be responsible for any and all liabilities and will bring no liability to Luxed Vans management, owners, investors, subsidiaries etc directly or indirectly, foreseen or unforeseen.



#6  At any time, renter will abide by the terms and conditions listed on our website:


** Renter / Renters include primary and all secondary co-renters

All claims and disputes arising under or relating to any Luxed Van LLC’s Agreement shall be settled by binding arbitration in the state of Texas. The arbitration shall be conducted on a confidential basis pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any decision or award as a result of any such arbitration proceeding shall be in writing and shall provide an explanation for all conclusions of law and fact and shall include the assessment of costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Any such arbitration shall be conducted by an arbitrator experienced in Car/Van Retal industry and shall include a written record of the arbitration hearing. The parties reserve the right to object to any individual who shall be employed by or affiliated with a competing organization or entity. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.