Privacy Policy

Anybody who plans on driving our vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license (or International Driver License along with your Passport).
  • Some form of collision coverage (either through your own insurance policy, through credit card coverage, or by purchasing our Collision Damage Waiver).
  • You must be over 25 years of age to drive our vehicle.
  • You must be fit to drive. We will not give you the keys if, in our judgment, you are inebriated, incapacitated, or otherwise incapable of driving our vehicle safely.

Please furnish drivers licenses and proof of insurance for all drivers before you pick up your vehicle. These can be uploaded onto the website at the reservation time directly or emailed to [email protected] with your booking number as a reference anytime before pickup.

We require all renters to report any warning sign in the van to us or take the van to the nearest BENZ or FORD dealership for you. Our van requires 10,000 miles oil change and a safety check. We will reimburse all maintenance cost with receipt back to customer.

You are responsible to return the inside of the van. Any spills or stains in the seat or in the floor or in the room cost $150 for detailed cleaning. We pay for all authorized maintenance expenses! Just turn your receipts in at the end of your trip for reimbursement.

If you need any roadside assistance for any minor issue please call your insurance company roadside assistance number or call Mercedes Benz roadside assistance number 1800-367-6372 and provide the VIN number located on the dash in front of the driver and follow their instructions, at the same time call us at 832 819 1881. Please take the picture of all incidents and text to us.

If you have a flat tire, you are not allowed to change the tire by your self. Call roadside assistance for help.

Each van comes with HCTRA EZTag that lets you drive through Texas toll ways without stopping. Renter is responsible for all such regular tolls and any violations related to other tolls fees (in other states) and parking fees etc during the time of your use. If fine remains unpaid and we receive a delinquent violation notice we will charge an administration fee in addition to the fine to pay and process the fine on your behalf.

All payments are due immediately upon the return of the rental. We accept cash, credit card. We require all customers to pay $250 deposit. We will refund the same at the return of the van minus any incidentals.

Our vans have a high ceiling, so you are not allowed to drive through and any parking garage less than 12 feet high, and the length of the van is 23 feet long. It is your duty to obey the traffic rules and regulations of the places you visit. And also we recommend you to drive at a low speed or stop in a safe place during windy conditions or hazardous conditions.

Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle. The smell of cigarette at return can cost $250.00 for a clean up and detailing fee.

You are responsible for all damage or loss you cause to others. You agree to provide auto liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you.

All vehicle.rates are based on a 24-hour “rental day” starting at the time of rental. For partial hours after 24 hours “rental day”, it’s free for next 4 hours after which full day will be charged./span>

All vehicles come with free 250 miles /day after which we charge 38c/mile for additional miles driven